Evaluate Week Can Look Like This… Middle School

A lot of people would call Rev. Tiffany Slaughter of Haymarket Baptist Church a brave soul for volunteering to work with Marstellar Middle School’s EDGE Club for two hours after school on Thursdays.  Tiffany is EDGE’s newest volunteer who is passionate about helping students see that they can be lights for Jesus at their school, and her passion got her involved in Marstellar.  She is a phenomenal communicator or the gospel to the students, and knocked the first week of the EDGE Revolution, “Evaluate” week, out of the park.

It isn’t always easy getting middle-schoolers to pay attention, but the idea of “evaluating” ourselves, and knowing where we are spiritually before we begin to be those lights on school grounds, is really important, no matter how old you are.  This is where the Skit Guys come in.  If you coach middle school, and you haven’t heard of the Skit Guys, please check out their website and peruse the different videos.  Feel free to show them in your EDGE Club – they are funny, and always circle back to the gospel of Jesus.  They lead to great discussions among any age, and, very importantly – kids will pay attention to them!!

After the video, Tiffany was able to engage them in questions about baggage they might have, and lead into prayer requests, which really lead to even more discussion.  It was great to listen to MMS students get serious for a little bit and talk about different things, think about friends who might have baggage too, and pray for them to come to EDGE and hear the gospel.  Not to be lost is the fact that they were encouraged to invite their friends to church, too, not simply EDGE Club.

Closing it out with elbow prayer (everyone stands in a circle, puts their hands on their hips, and people pray out-loud.  When you are done praying, or you want to be passed, just nudge the person next to you with you elbow.  No jabbing allowed.)  Students were challenged in that EDGE Club to not only look to God to help them with their personal baggage, but to think about the students they live life with everyday who need to know there’s hope.


Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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