EDGE Planning & Snowy Weather

Well, it’s that time of year again … the weather is frightful, and snow days can happen at any time.  Last year, there were several clubs who didn’t get a chance to meet for two to three weeks at a time because of inclement weather.  Often, even if there’s a two-hour delay, schools will cancel after-school activities to help get students home safely.

This can be a bummer, especially when you’ve worked hard as a student leader or coach to build momentum for EDGE Club.  What are some things you can do to help beat the winter blues?

  1. Utilize the social media!  Keep in contact with each other on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and over email.  Encourage each other that the club will meet again next week, and challenge each other to keep inviting friends.
  2. Try to meet outside of school!  Though this may not always be feasible, it’s encouraging to get a group of people together at the local Starbucks or FroYo spot and plan out / review EDGE for the  following week.
  3. Prior to any sort of delays, try to meet up and plan out the following month of EDGE.  In the past, this can look like gathering on a Saturday afternoon and just hashing out the E-D-G-E revolution for a couple hours.  Assign roles to student leaders (Fred has games, Angie has announcements, Josh takes attendance, etc.) so even if the days are topsy turvey, there’s still a plan in place to follow.
  4. Keep EDGE in the announcements and keep advertising it.  Even if you’re not sure if school will be canceled or delayed, keep EDGE regularly in the announcements, and don’t forget to post flyers if the school allows you to do so!  That way, it’s still on people’s minds, and they won’t lose sight of it, even if it has to wait until the following week.
  5. Wear an EDGE t-shirt!  Don’t yet have one?  It’s a great way to support the ministry and a comfy conversation starter.
  6. Spend your snow day with a friend you’ve been trying to invite to EDGE!  The good news is that God doesn’t need EDGE Clubs to reach lost students with His love!  Use the canceled day as a time to reach out to someone you may have been trying to invite to EDGE and hang out with them.  Build a relationship with them outside of school and just be their friend.  Ask God to open doors for you to share your faith, and He will!
  7. PRAY!  Last but not least on the list, keep praying for your school.  Reach out to members of EDGE and ask how you can pray for them.  Pray for the school daily, and maybe even gather as a small group on the weekend to pray specifically for names of students you’re trying to reach with the gospel.

During this fun winter weather, it’s important to plan, but also to remember that these days can be a blessing in disguise to build Christ-centered relationships with our friends.


Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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