Just “Playing Ball”

bball2For the last few weeks, Paul Colon has taken advantage of the nice weather. As a member of Impact Church, a church plant that meets in a Centreville Elementary School, and an EDGE Coach at Osbourn High School, Paul planned an afternoon of playing ball at the nearby basketball courts after church finished to get to know some of the neighborhood teens. Some of the youth from the church came, but as God would plan things, they were in for a surprise.

Osbourn, which has not had a club in a few years, was able to re-launch this year due to the vision of some students at Chapel Springs Church in Bristow, Virginia, and Emmanuel Baptist Church in Manassas, Virginia. The students were ready to reach their campus for Christ; all they needed was an adult volunteer coach. Last summer, Paul moved to Northern Virginia from Mississippi to help in the church planting efforts of Impact Church in Centreville, Virginia. He immediately got involved in discipling the youth of the church, and wanted to learn more about EDGE Clubs and how he could reach students in the public schools for Christ. It didn’t take long for him to get connected to Osbourn, and the club launched in the fall of 2014. Since it’s launch, they’ve had several “Encounter” Weeks, and many intentional conversations with different students about the Lord.

The Sunday that Paul planned a game of basketball after church, he was expecting to meet some of the people who lived around the elementary school. But as God would have it, there was a student who joined them from Manassas.

“Oh cool.,” Paul said. “Where do you go to school?”

“Osbourn High School, actually. I’m here visiting my some family.”

This young man not only got invited to EDGE, but came that Thursday and heard one of the student leaders share about Jesus Christ. The following Sunday, there was another basketball game, but this time, Paul brought student leaders from OHS’s EDGE Club to come out and join him as they talked to this young man about Jesus. This week is Encounter week at Osbourn High School, and the young man Paul met a couple weeks ago playing basketball after church will not only have an opportunity to hear the gospel, but give his life to Christ. He will then have a body of Christian friends to invite him to church, and people to come alongside him and disciple him.

This is an amazing example of how God can use EDGE Clubs to reach students for Christ. Sometimes, all it takes is a neighborhood basketball game.


Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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