Future Vision: What can you expect from EDGE?

Ministry Updates
As supporters, thank you for all you do to impact students in the DC region. We want to give you an idea of our major goals over the next three months as we endeavor to make this ministry stronger and healthier than its ever been before. Here are some things you can expect from us as we continue to expand Cutting EDGE Ministries:

  • Donors: Without your support, we couldn’t accomplish our mission to connect students to Jesus and the local church. We want to meet with you and thank you personally for giving to this ministry. We want to learn what excites you about EDGE Clubs and share with you exactly how far you dollar goes.
  • Student Leaders: Student leaders are the core of this ministry, and we are going to spend time meeting with them to encourage, train and equip them to host strong EDGE Clubs on their campuses. We believe in their capacity and potential, and desire to get to know them, invest in them, and help them reach their friends with the gospel.
  • Coaches: As with student leaders, we want our adult volunteers (coaches) to know we are their biggest fan by helping them support students. Coaches play a vital role assisting student leaders as they plan their clubs; we want to be there for you to train and equip you in this ministry.
  • Youth Pastors: Our Executive Director, as well as two members of our Board, are former youth pastors who remain passionate about seeing students reached for Christ. We know that youth pastors are the ones dreaming about how 6th – 12th graders can make waves for the Kingdom. We want to meet with you and learn how EDGE Clubs can help you accomplish your dream of investing in students. Our monthly Youth Pastor Network (YPNet) Lunches are one way we do this.


Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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