21 Prayers for Campus Missionaries

21 Prayers for Campus Missionaries

As summer heats up (literally), we want to do everything we can to prepare students, teachers, and youth leaders for the upcoming school year. That means we are going to God with the most powerful tool He gave us: prayer. Starting today, July 2nd, through September 7th, we’ll walk through 21 specific prayers that are found in the Bible and implore God to move. We’ll explore the people who prayed them and how they can be applied to evangelism today.

We know the Lord wants to move on campuses, and believe the public schools are one of the largest un-reached mission fields we’ll ever encounter in the United States. Please join us as we take 10 weeks to pray for our schools, students, teachers and youth ministries in the DC area.


Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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