“Go With Us.”

“Go With Us.”

Moses was on top of a mountain, spending intimate time with God when he begged God for His presence. The Israelites had just been released from Egypt, and Moses knew the task ahead of leading them into the promised land could only be accomplished through the power of God. Moreover, Moses had just witnessed God’s power in Egypt through plagues, the hardening and softening of men’s hearts, and the parting of the Red Sea, and he was terrified of taking another step without the presence of the Lord. So terrified, in fact, that he would rather stay where he was in the hot, miserable desert than attempt to enter into a promised land in his own power.

Sometimes, we think we can do it all, and the truth is, we can accomplish a lot of things in our own strength. We can train our bodies and run marathons, win championships, and become icons. We can work hard and earn all the money the world has to offer. We can smooth-talk and charm our way into others’ good graces. But we need an act of God to accomplish the supernatural. There is no way that our words can change people’s hearts. If we’re after life-change on our public school campuses, we absolutely need the presence of God to go with us!


Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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