“Remember Me…” 1 Samuel 1:11

Hannah wanted children very badly. Have you ever wanted something; to accomplish a goal, to see a dream fulfilled, to see something come true for other people you love and care for? Hannah wanted something to happen that she had no power over, and rather than take any matters into her own hands, she begged God for a child. Not only did she ask Him for a son, but she committed to give her son back to the Lord, or dedicate him. God answers her prayer and gives her a son named Samuel, who anoints David to be King, whose line brings about Jesus Christ. Hannah’s faith was providentially used as part of God’s plan to bring salvation to the world through Jesus.

When God answers a prayer and remembers you, as He remembered Hannah, what happens? Do you take that answer and run? Do you thank God? Do you take credit? Do you give the results back to the Lord? God multiplied the answer to Hannah’s prayer by using her son, Samuel, in a powerful way to shape Israel’s destiny. What prayers has God answered recently? Have you thanked Him or surrendered the results to Him?



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