“…And connect them to a local church.”

EDGE’s vision is unique.

You may have heard it said that we don’t simply want to see students come to know the Lord.  Yes, obviously, we pray and desire that. But once students have made the decision to follow Jesus, what happens next? Where do they go to grow spiritually, especially if they suddenly find they’re the only Christ-followers in their home? Discipleship cannot automatically be assumed, and that’s why the second half of EDGE’s vision, to not only connect students to Jesus but to connect them to a local church, is just as vital as the first half.

Thankfully, EDGE partners with multiple gospel-preaching, bible-teaching churches around the DMV in many capacities:

  • Giving of their time to allow their youth leaders to be guest speakers at our events;
  • Financially supporting the ministry;
  • Opening space for training and events;
  • Inviting EDGE staff to share with their youth groups about becoming student missionaries;
  • Volunteering adult coaches or teacher sponsors
  • Bringing guests to our annual banquet;
  • Hosting EDGE office space in their building

Ministry support comes from a variety of church backgrounds and reflects the diversity of the region. EDGE is intentionally multi-denominational so no one particular type of church has any sort of ownership of this ministry.

It’s important to note that EDGE wants to equip the youth ministries of churches to train students to become missionaries in their school. Ideally, a church near a local middle or high school would be the church taking “ownership,” if you will, of that school and adopting the students through starting an EDGE Club on campus. We want EDGE to be a tool that the church can use to fulfill the Great Commission on public school campuses. As Eric Geiger wrote in his article, “3 Reasons Your Church Must be Unique:”

“Just as Christ stepped into our culture to rescue us, a church lives in a local community among people the Lord created and loves. A church on mission in her community is deeply connected to the needs, hurts and pains of the community. She listens, and her listening impacts how she serves and communicates. And because the needs in one community are unique and distinct from the needs in a different community, each local church should uniquely position her ministry to effectively serve the community.” (https://outreachmagazine.com)

Instead of the word “Community,” we can think “Campus,” since the public schools in Northern Virginia contain over a quarter of a million students, and are likely the largest mission fields to which our students will ever have access.

This is why EDGE is so passionate about the second half of the mission.

This is why EDGE does not succeed if not partnered with the local church.


Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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