Outreach & Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fun, mostly because there’s a lot of candy involved. There are countless ways to leverage this holiday to make sure that your club cares for the students and teachers, especially after school lets out!

Many students stay behind after school for clubs, tutoring, etc., but others stay behind because they’re waiting on a ride, or they have to face disciplinary action. Teachers are preparing for the next day and may get ready to leave feeling tired, drained or underappreciated. In 2014 (yes, yes, five years ago), the student leaders at Battlefield EDGE Club in Haymarket wanted to do something about this.

They baked cupcakes and other treats and decorated them with everything from X’s to O’s to Jesus fish. They went around school during their hour-long EDGE Club and not only invited students to EDGE the following week, but encouraged teachers and thanked them for everything they did. This small act got a lot of acknowledgement and caused the EDGE Club to grow, as well as furthered good will and trust between the Club and the administration.

We know that any opportunity to serve the school is a way to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us, and any time students get an opportunity to not only serve, but invite their youth leaders to come serve with them, churches have a greater stake in the spread of the gospel in public schools. Below are some time-tested ideas that EDGE Clubs (both students and coaches) have used in the past to serve their schools. What are some others that you can think of?

  • Ask the principal for work projects your church could accomplish (especially on a weekend when a larger group might be able to come).
  • Recruit tutors or mentors from your church.
  • Engage in Teacher Appreciation Day. Provide food in the teacher’s lounge and have your church sign “thank you” cards to all the teachers.
  • Provide cookies or a deli tray during Teacher Orientation, New Student Orientation, or other important events at the beginning of the school year.
  • Organize a day to pick up trash, weed the garden, or care for the aesthetics of the school.
  • Organize a canned food drive around the holidays (or ask if y our church can further participate in a drive the school already does).
  • Offer services as an assistant coach (or coach’s assistant) for any athletic programs.
  • Be available to fill support roles at various events and competitions.
  • Be a judge for speech tournaments.
  • Be willing to offer your skills to your school!



Our mission is to connect students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

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