EDGE Leaders: Being a Teacher Sponsor

There are three types of people needed to make an EDGE Club successful: student leader(s), an adult coach, and a teacher sponsor. Sometimes, not as much attention is paid to the role of the teacher sponsor, because it can be as hands-off as simply opening their room and then leaving, to staying the whole time, praying with students after school, and becoming a safe place for students to come and talk about spiritual things.

To know that a teacher is also a brother or sister in Christ can be so encouraging to students. In Centreville High School, Mrs. Michelle Hubley was that encouragement. A teacher who’d prayed to use her platform for the Lord for seven years, it was in her eighth year that the Lord answered her prayer. She shared with us some of the amazing ways God used her this school year.

Sharing the gospel in Mrs. Hubley’s classroom.

How did you learn about EDGE?
This was my 8th year teaching; I’ve been at Centreville

for a while and didn’t know many Christian clubs existed in Centreville. I volunteered with my church’s youth group, but didn’t necessarily feel like I’ve an opportunity to serve Christ in a public school, even though I’d always hoped that God would allow it. One of the student leaders asked if I’d sponsor EDGE and found out it was a pretty low maintenance commitment as a teacher. The funny thing is, the student leader didn’t know I was a Christian; it was really cool the way God answered prayer. After teaching for so long, its easy to get disheartened and wonder what difference you are making?

What has it been like to be a teacher sponsor for EDGE?
Having a voice in these students’ lives and not using it for God was hard, so having an opportunity to talk to students (current and former) was such a blessing. I had a student come to me and ask if I could pray for her during a normal class day; I was grateful for that and saw God use my heart for students to make an eternal impact. I got to see former students come into my classroom during EDGE and sing worship songs, as well as speak my faith to my co-workers.

How have you seen God use EDGE to reach the lost?
Certain students came into her classroom to work on things after school, which opened the door to talk about faith and allowed certain students to hear the gospel who may not have heard it before. Student leaders shared boldly what it means to be a Christian, especially during outreach week, helping peers feel welcome and want to come back. I saw EDGE students act as a light to the lost and the desperate; one student who came after school to finish her work ended up staying for a while heard the gospel, and that’s the impact EDGE has on the school.

How have you gotten to encourage students?
A couple ways: one was to encourage them that it’s not about numbers, and that the name of Jesus is spoken more in a challenging school. There are so many different religions represented at Centreville and its easy to feel like one of the crowd there. I want the students to remember they’re making an eternal difference. These students are missionaries at Centreville; they’re getting their youth leaders and churches involved. I get to encourage the students that there are so many people praying for them and that it’s a joy to me to see the fruit of praying for the students. They actually encourage me and are bright lights in the school.


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