“Help Us…” 2 Chronicles 14:11

Asa followed the Lord and led Judah during peacetime. He built up his armies and his walls during peacetime and this gave his enemies the idea that he should be attacked. The Cushites came against Judah and tried to challenge Asa’s show of strength, but when push came to shove, Asa did not put his trust in his army’s size, or the strength of his walls. He put his trust in the Lord, and God so devastated the Cushite army that the Bible says the next day, Judah went out to fight and found only thousands of dead bodies.

There was no need for Asa to trust in his physical might; God has devastated the Cushite armies during the night. Asa’s soldiers didn’t do this; Asa’s strong walls of defense didn’t deter them away. Asa must’ve not only felt immense gratitude but humility in the presence of God. God delivered the victory and the cry for help came despite the strength Asa boasted.

Where is your hope today? Do you trust your mind? Your intelligence? Your physical ability or your gifts and skills? No doubt the Lord blesses us with talents that we can use, but ultimately, our hope is not in ourselves. Do you spend more time with the Lord, investing in the one who secures your soul for eternity, or in the strength of worldly things that cannot save you from sin? Choose the Lord; invest in the one thing that will outlast anything this world can offer.


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