EDGE Clubs meet after school every week, and go through the EDGE Revolution –  each letter of EDGE stands for a theme which students use that week to guide the club.  After the four weeks of the EDGE Revolution are complete, students start over again, and continue through this cycle throughout the school year.

What is the EDGE Revolution?

The EDGE Revolution is a 4-week cycle of campus club meetings. The purpose of each week is to…

EQUIP – Provide ongoing evangelism training for students so we lay a foundation of how they can share the Gospel with their peers on a regular basis.

DEPLOY – Prepare students with a plan to reach their peers with the Gospel and utilize the evangelism training they’ve received. They will develop a plan for the month that is relatively simple:

Prayer–students will commit to pray daily for 3 friends who do not know Jesus Christ.
Care–students will then come up with 1 or 2 ways they can demonstrate kindness to each of these     friends.
Share–students will determine a specific day, time and location to have a Gospel conversation with each of these 3 friends.

GOSPEL STORIES – Celebrate what God is doing in the lives of our students as they engage their friends with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Students are encouraged to share their successes and struggles as they share the Gospel, invite their friends to church or to club, etc. This can also be a time for students to share Scripture they’ve read or heard that encourages and inspires evangelism.

ENCOUNTER – Provide an opportunity for Christian students to invite and bring their non-Christian friends to hear a simple, creative Gospel presentation, respond to the love of the one, true, living God and encounter His love for the first time.

Weeks 1-3 of the Revolution are designed to send students out as missionaries on their campuses.
Week 4 is the opportunity for the Gospel to be presented and students are given the opportunity to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.